Thinking (using COVID-19) about location data

During the pandemic, a lot of ideas have come up – not just contact tracing! – where useful information might be derived from location data. It struck me that a selection of those might be an interesting illustration of how intrusiveness isn’t just about the data we use, but what we use it for. Here’s […]


Wifi location data

More than a decade ago the e-Privacy Directive mentioned “location data” in the context of telecommunications services. At the time that was almost entirely about mobile phone locations – data processed by just a handful of network providers – but nowadays many more organisations are able to gather location data about wifi-enabled devices in range […]


BYOD: Doing Security Together

Presenting at the Jisc’s Safer Internet Day event got me thinking a bit more about the shared interests between owners and organisations in a BYOD scheme, and the opportunity that might present. For many years I’ve liked the idea of helping users be safe in their personal Internet lives (where motivation should be a matter […]